Xbox One IP Puller to Stop Hackers from Hijacking Your Console

The Xbox One has proven to be a perfect entry-level console for gamers, but it’s not perfect. Hackers have found ways to take over your console remotely, and even though Microsoft continues to fine-tune the system, some things will never change. That means you can’t trust anyone with access to your Xbox One; only you should have that privilege. Although the console is fairly secure, there are always ways for hackers to infiltrate it. Fortunately, Microsoft has a solution available: an IP Pully. This device plugs into your Xbox One and blocks out access from external devices that are not connected via ethernet cable or wireless network connection. When it comes to remote control solutions, hackers tend to use third-party applications like XLink Kai or XLink Pro that allow them to interact with your machine from a computer. This means the more people who have access to the same keyboard and mouse or monitor in your living room, the easier it becomes for intruders to steal passwords and log keystrokes remotely. The good news is that most hacking software can be blocked with an IP Puller; the bad news is that these devices are quite expensive if you need more than one at a time. But luckily, third parties have taken this issue into account by making their own equivalent devices at affordable prices so you don’t miss out on anything if you decide against buying an original version of the IP Pully

What is an Xbox One IP Puller?

An IP Pully is a device that lets you block access to your Xbox One from outside devices. The best part is that you can also unblock the IP Pully later on if you decide to use another device that’s connected to the same network. If you’re wondering how an Xbox One IP Pully works, it’s done using a software called iptunelan. This software is designed to work on certain routers and lets you filter out certain devices or types of traffic from entering your router. This way, only devices that you have authorized can connect to your Xbox One.

Why You Need an Xbox One IP Pully

Like we’ve mentioned before, a console is not invincible. Even the most secure device can be compromised by a hacker. With all the third-party software that comes with the Xbox One, security is more important than ever. If you want to protect yourself and your device, an IP Pully is the way to go. It’s also worth remembering that your Xbox One can only be authenticated if you’re physically connecting it to a router or your home’s wireless network.

How a Console IP Pully Works

An Xbox One IP Pully works by letting you connect it to your router and block out unauthorized devices that are accessing your router’s network. Once the Pully is connected, it will filter out all the incoming traffic from your Xbox One (and any other devices connected to your router) and allow only trusted traffic to pass through. For example, let’s say you have an Xbox One connected to your router via ethernet cable. A hacker uses a software that allows him to take control of your router, and all the devices connected to it. The hacker could then use those devices to break into your Xbox and download games, watch movies, or play multiplayer games. Now, let’s say you have an IP Puller connected to your router. The Pully would block out all unauthorized devices that are trying to access your router’s network. Now, only your Xbox One would be able to connect to your router via ethernet cable, so the hacker would have no way of accessing it. The only way the hacker can break into your Xbox is if he disables your router and sets up a makeshift console.

Which IP Pullers Work with Xbox One?

If you’re looking for an Xbox One IP Pully, there’s no easy answer. Every IP Pully works differently, and there is no way to know for certain if it will work with your Xbox One without trying it. However, most experts agree that the best Xbox One IP Pullers are those that use iptunelan, which helps you filter out unauthorized devices and lets you unblock the Pully later on if you want to use another device that’s connected to the same network. Below, you can find a list of the best Xbox One IP Pullers that you can use to block and unblock your console’s network connection.


There is no doubt that the Xbox One is a great console, and it’s worth protecting with an IP Pully. However, it can be difficult to choose the best Xbox One IP Puller based on price alone. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best IP Pullers for Xbox One and provided detailed reviews of each device so you can pick the best one for your needs.

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