Top 6 Video Streaming Apps for Android

How we define entertainment in today’s time is completely different. The modern era has access to multiple avenues of entertainment. Sitting in front of the TV is only one of the options that modern-day streamers have. Video streaming apps are popular amongst streamers when it comes to catching their favorite shows, binge-watching their favorite movies, and accessing on-demand content.

They are either free or come with a fee, but it’s a small price to pay for the amount and variety of unlimited entertainment you will get. A strong internet connection is all you need to download and use these apps, and Spectrum bundles provide you with the fastest speeds within your budget!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 6 of the best video streaming apps you should download on your Android device.

Amazon Prime Video

This platform needs no introduction. You get access to Amazon Prime Video with an Amazon Prime subscription. Almost every production house has given Amazon Prime all the rights to stream its latest releases online. If you are a sports fan, you can watch live sports like the Premier League, ATP, and NFL online for free on this global platform.

High-speed internet access will allow you to watch and download HD movies and shows, anywhere at any time. AT&T bundles can help you with that!


Netflix is a household name when it comes to the best video streaming services available. You can sign up for any one of its plans and stream TV shows, and movies, including originals on your device. Netflix can be accessed on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs. The biggest benefit is that you can stream all your TV favorites from anywhere in the world! You don’t have to stay in your room to catch your favorite shows. Do it on the go!

It also gives a 30-day free trial, after which you can subscribe if you like using the app. There are no separate subscriptions needed for different countries. To watch something offline, download it when you have internet and enjoy it later when offline. Parents also have complete control over the content their children can access.


Similar to YouTube, Vimeo lets you stream videos without any ads interrupting you. After YouTube, Vimeo is one of the top video streaming apps for general user-generated material. You have the option of uploading your own video or browsing videos from top content creators all over the world. They have numerous subscription plans, including regular, premium, and business.


HBO came up with an app that lets you access videos on demand. It’s an Android TV app that offers instant access to all the programs in its catalog. One of the main advantages is that you can watch stream the latest premieres as soon as they are released. You can watch sitcoms, TV shows, films, documentaries, as well as other shows in HD from anywhere and at any time. They feature a vast movie library with both old and new releases, including the globally acclaimed original shows. Catch all your favorite content on your phone, TV, tablet, or gaming device without any ads disturbing you.


Vudu is yet another cutting-edge video streaming service that allows you to rent or buy the latest movie or TV show as soon as it airs. Catch thousands of HD programs for free with Vudu. You can also request a limited number of ads if you don’t want ads interrupting your streaming sessions. Plus access your favorite content from any device by simply logging in!


If you’re a sports fan, you definitely need this app on your phone! Deemed as one of the best sports video streaming services in the world, it lets you stream all famous sports networks! Many local TV shows are available to watch and record so you never miss out on anything!  You can also store up to 500 hours of data. They also offer a variety of premium networks for you to choose from based on your preferences.

To Wrap It Up

Enjoy streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and all content right on your Android screen with these 6 apps. Pick one based on your interests and needs and make video streaming a lot more fun!

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