NetbaseQuid, Your Social Listening Partner

Technology has changed our business methods by providing solutions to previous predicaments. Social listening channels have existed for roughly two decades. Recently, the platforms have gained more significance with more practical usage beyond the formerly specified socialization purpose. The last decades have made social media a very integral part of our lives for socialization and, more, business matters. The leading platforms that existed earlier include Facebook and Twitter. Presently, more platforms like TikTok and Twitch are available, growing the online space.

The Aggrandizement of Social Media

The 21st Century has seen social media platforms become the main marketing channels for goods and services. Research into organizations in the United States showed that in 2020, more than three-quarters of the organizations harness the power of social platforms to market themselves. The social media platforms facilitates precise marketing campaigns that are tailor-made for specific potential customers.

The platforms, however, have vast amounts of data, some of which aid the organizations for apt business decision making. However, some of the data is unnecessary, and as such, organizations need to seek the services of data analysis firms to pinpoint the correct information. NetbaseQuid is a data analysis firm that ensures the information you get is just what you need to better your business prospects online.


This firm works by conducting social media analysis using its well-crafted social media monitoring instruments. Its instruments incorporate artificial intelligence to process loads of data and provide insights. It gives marketing departments and agencies a tool to tactically gather and accurately analyze information on consumers. This analyzed information paves the way for intelligent decision-making to ensure the consumer is satisfied.

Social Media Monitoring

The tool sources and derive vital data from an organization’s social media channels in this process, including past posts and social media campaigns. The tools also analyze the competitors to determine how they conduct their online presence. Media monitoring tools work by taking note of all mentions on social media that relate to a particular organization or brand. NetbaseQuid incorporates the best monitoring tools to ensure proper evaluation of posts and comments to provide accurate information as required. The tools collect online data on an organization, process it, and give the organization information on consumers and the market as is at that particular time.

Social Media Analysis Process

The process ideally commences with developing a project to facilitate social media listening. Here, the keywords to be keenly monitored by the monitoring tools such as NetbaseQuid, are input. The instrumental keywords include the organization’s name, a campaign hashtag, or a branded hashtag.

Key proponents assessed

During social media analysis, the tools examine volumes of the mentions of the keywords. In turn, the metrics show the public’s familiarity with the product or particular brand. On searching the keywords and identifying the comments, customer feedback is visible in real-time. Customer feedback is essential in bettering the customer experience to retain customers and attract other potential customers. These mentions also give the customers confidence in the brand due to interactivity.

NetbaseQuid provides the ultimate social media monitoring, consequent analysis, and ways forward for your organization. The firm is the leading social listening firm and is a great partner to have as your brand walks down the financial lanes as it will better your customers’ experiences through social listening. Many companies report increased brand visibility after social listening and conforming to customer expectations. Your brand should also consider the same to better your business prospects in the short and long run.

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