How to Use MarTech To Drive Digital Marketing savings large

Digital marketing is here to stay. The Internet has been a mainstay of online advertising for many years now. But as the old saying goes, the Internet kin ko choe pichakhao? — It’s not just the Internet that’ll continue to take off in the digital age, it’ll also continue to drive it off the map. Digital marketing is here to stay, but today’s consumers are much more active than ever. They want opportunities to explore and be inspired by the content they care about. Evi Nikitchenko, vice president of marketing at MarTech Marketing, explains how you can leverage digital marketing to drive savings large in your company:

Digital Marketing Is Here to Stay

As digital marketing continues to flourish, so does the need for new and creative ways to reach audiences. This has created an opportunity for brands to create a world-class digital marketing strategy that can meet the evolving needs of their customers. From developing new digital strategies and strategies for specific industries to designing and creating bespoke digital marketing campaigns for multiple clients, brands are finding new ways to engage with their customers. Digital marketing strategies can be physical or digital, and the types of marketing that can be implemented will depend on the product or service you’re marketing.

Smart, Contentful Ads

Smart, contentful ads are ads that give away the goods or services in a timely fashion — no matter how old the ad is, it will still be very relevant and will still be very effective at driving results. Smart ad placement is placing ads that contain relevant keywords and ads that will reach the right audience at the right time.

Use Digital Content To Achieve Better ROI

Digital marketing is about more than just selling digital products. It’s about creating digital experiences for customers. Contentful ads allow your customers to create their own digital experiences. By creating digital experiences that reinforce your brand and theme, you can further increase your overall ROI.

Manage Media Waste With paid Advertising

Whether you choose to drive full-blown digital campaigns or to test the waters with paid digital ads, managing the amount of digital marketing you choose to spend is critical. Ideally, you’ll have a budget that includes all the digital marketing upfront — including digital advertising. But in some cases, you may not even have the money set aside for digital marketing. This can happen if you decide to start a full-blown digital campaign with pre-set goals that don’t account for the inevitable digital waste that will result. Wasted digital ad spend can make you less competitive in the online marketing industry. Advertisers are trying to find new ways to drive more business, but they may not have the money to spend on digital ads that don’t lead to results. A digital campaign that is spent putting ads in the wrong places can also cost a lot more in the end than digital ads that lead to results. Wasted digital ad spends can also create a bad air-time rating for your business — which could hurt your reputation and make it harder to attract new customers.

Turn Your Website Into A Data Warehouse

Even with all the digital marketing you’ve been doing, it’s likely that there is still some digital marketing that you haven’t yet committed to digitalUTERS. What if you could turn your website into a data warehouse? That’s right — instead of designing and building websites yourself, you can hire a data warehouse contractor to do the dirty work for you. Not only will your website be data-driven; but it will also be content-driven. Since you will use the data to create new digital experiences, you will want to make sure the data is relevant and current. Keeping your website data-driven will also make it easier for you to manage your digital strategy. Data Warehouses are a great way to collect and store data about your customers, products, and services.


Digital marketing is here to stay, and it’s hard to see it going away. The biggest challenge for businesses today is finding the time, money, and ingredients to make digital marketing a part of their strategy. Digital marketing strategies must be tailored to the task at hand. By applying your digital marketing knowledge, you can push the digital marketing button and drive savings large.

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