How My Business Grew to $1 Million in Less Than 3 Years

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a million dollar business from the ground up? It might seem like an impossible task, but here’s how I did it. I’ll teach you my top three strategies that helped me grow my business to $1M in less than 3 years.

I started out as a part-time tutor who wanted to make some extra cash. Now, I’m one of the most sought-after career coaches in all of New York City. From building products that people love to networking with key influencers, these are the 3 best strategies I learned for building a million dollar business.

Three strategies for building a million dollar business

1) Build products that people love.

2) Network with key influencers.

3) Work your strategic plan.

How to create products people love

It all starts with one question: “What’s the problem you’re solving?”

If I had asked that question from the beginning, my first product would have been successful. I had a marketable idea and knew how to teach, but I didn’t stop to think about the people who would be interested in my course. When I finally started asking potential customers what they wanted, they told me what they needed: a job. That was when I created JobSuccess Academy – a course that helps people find and land their dream careers.

The importance of networking with key influencers

Networking with key influencers is a great way to gain followers and amplify your message.

When it comes to networking, you know that going after big fish can be difficult. To build a million dollar business, though, I had to go for the “big fish”. In other words, I had to get in front of top influencers who could make a difference.

In order to meet these people, I would attend conferences and workshops where they were speaking or lead panels. This gave me the opportunity to connect with them and share my story.

It also helped me because I was able to learn from the best in the industry and build relationships that would last.


There are many different paths to growth. But there is one rule you should never break.

Three strategies for building a million dollar business

How to create products people love

The importance of networking with key influencers

But also remember that you should never break the one rule.

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