How Effective are Folding Cartons as Product Packaging?

Folding cartons are an increasingly popular packaging solution due to their design flexibility and relatively low cost. Used to package and display a variety of products from confectionaries to pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes to beauty products, folding box board packaging is an effective way to package and protect items. It may come as no surprise, then, that folding cartons are used by a range of different industries and sectors. With numerous grades, strengths and styles, folding box board is even used as luxury retail packaging by numerous brands. Highly customisable and robust, there are many different types of folding cartons to suit all of your packaging needs.

What is folding box board?

Folding box board, generally known as FBB, is paperboard which consists of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. FBB typically has three layers or more depending on design, strength and style. Folding box board is a light packaging solution with a tight tolerance to achieve a smooth surface that displays excellent printing quality.

The Benefits of Folding Carton Packaging

Folding carton packaging has numerous benefits. In addition to being a traditional and highly popular packaging solution, folding cartons have impressive visual appeal. With countless possibilities in terms of prints, textures, styles and shapes, folding carton manufacturers can meet almost every packaging need. Highly customisable and with relatively short production times compared to rigid boxes, folding cartons can meet, and even exceed, both retailer and customer expectations.

Folding cartons can be designed to be robust and both protect and preserve products from damage. Folding cartons also fold flat before and after use, resulting in lower storage and delivery costs whilst making them great options for factory packing and disposal when empty. What’s more, carton manufacturing is a well-established process. This means that many packaging manufacturers have a smaller minimum order quantity with competitive prices.

Folding cartons have visual appeal

Bespoke folding cartons can be printed, cut and assembled into a wide variety of shapes and styles that can be customised in countless ways. The customisable nature of folding cartons makes them a great option for luxury product packaging that truly resonates with your customers as an extension of your brand.

By utilising a wide range of finishing effects, custom printed folded cartons can also be tailored to your design needs . They could be laminated with a matt, glossy or soft touch finish; embossed/ debossed or foil stamped to create surface texture or printed using text,
illustrations and colour. That’s not all, however. The possibilities of folding box board packaging is almost endless with various shape, size and design options. Folding box packaging can also have custom structural designs including three-dimensional shapes. Some examples include:

  • Triangular
  •  Circular
  • Hexagonal
  • Pyramidal

No matter what your requirements are, folding cartons are a great packaging solution that caters to almost all packaging needs.

Folding cartons protect your products

Depending on the grade, weight and thickness of your chosen carton-board, folding carton packaging can be as strong or as flexible as you need. To make the cartons strong, flexible and well-suited to the products it contains, one should consider fibres and treatments throughout each stage of the design and production. Carton-board can also be strengthened by adding laminations that provide heat and water resistance to add further durability.

Examples of Folding Carton Packaging for Your Products

There are various styles of folding carton constructions, making them excellent packaging solutions for a variety of products. Examples of folding carton packaging include simple lid and base designs, tuck-in flap cartons, slipcase and drawer boxes, book-style packaging as well as cracker styles for Christmas promotions. While the opportunities are endless, each folding carton allows for a unique design and an excellent product presentation to create a personal touch that potential customers will not be able to resist.

Folding Box Board Drawer Boxes

Drawer boxes are most commonly used for jewellery and beauty products, but have numerous purposes. There are two designs that dominate the packaging market. Those with two exposed sides, like a matchbox where the box can slide out from either side, and slipcase and drawer designs that have one closed side and a pull-opening attached to the drawer. The drawer’s pull-opening is typically a semi-circle cut-out or ribbon pull attached for easy opening. In addition to looking great on a retail shelf, slipcase and drawer boxes make excellent gift boxes.

Book-style Folding Boxes

Book-style folding boxes have a hinged front door that opens to reveal your products. Closed by either a ribbon fastening or magnetic attachment, book-style folding cartons are visually effective packaging solutions giving boxes a premium gift feel. Equipped with internal fitments to encase and protect each product, book-style cartons are a delightful packaging solution that displays your product in all its glory. Book-style packaging can also stand up on a shelf to capture the attention of all who pass by. Not unlike slipcase and drawer boxes, novelty packaging solutions like book-style folding boxes are great keepsakes that help build a real connection with your brand.

Christmas Cracker Style Folding Box Board Boxes

blink brow bar folding box packaging christmas crackers

Made to look like a Christmas cracker, cracker-style folding cartons are excellent packaging solutions for festive or celebratory events. A set of crackers can then be housed in a simple FBB cracker box to offer a great gifting experience for customers. The best part is that cracker-style boxes are no more difficult to package than any other folding carton. Flat packed for convenience, simply twist one end, fill with goodies and twist the open end to secure. A decorative ribbon can complete the gift.

FBB Crash-lock base cartons

A simple but effective folding carton style is a crash-lock carton with tuck-in flap. “Crash lock glued” cartons are an alternative to envelope base cartons, but their base comes pre-glued. This means the carton can be assembled by hand in seconds. Not only are they quick to erect, they also benefit from having a strong base which allows them to withstand the weight of heavier objects. These boxes suit a wide range of products such as cosmetics, food and electrical items. A die-cut window can enhance these, allowing the inside to be visible to the consumer in-store. Crash-lock cartons are high quality, flexible, durable, and can form various shapes and designs to meet your requirements.

Choosing Bespoke Folding Cartons for Your Products

With short production lead times, folding carton packaging allows you to respond to changing market conditions such as surges in volume or the need for promotions. A familiar, traditional and trusted form of packaging, custom folding cartons are sure to impress your customers while making efficient use of space during storage, transportation and Merchandising.

From cartons to everyday retail solutions, folding carton manufacturers will support you in finding packaging that best suits your requirements. From sampling to production, packaging manufacturers will help you choose everything from board grades to design elements.

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