15+ Low Investment Business Ideas with Small Investment (India)

Are you looking for low-cost high-profit small-scale industries? Here are 15+ low investment business ideas with low investment high profits in India. Are you looking for some business in which you can make more money by investing less? Read the new 2021 update list.

If yes! So you should leave worry because today we are going to tell you about 15 + small businesses or low investment business ideas in this post, in which you can earn a lot of money according to your talent and idea.

First of all, before choosing any trade, you need to know whether you have the right and complete knowledge related to that trade. There is nothing without failure, without thought, and without knowledge.

If you have thought about starting a business in the new year, this is a great thing, but before you start, get complete information about that business or if possible, you can also take training from anywhere.

One thing we all know is that there are many difficulties or sometimes failures before starting any business, but with failure or failure we should always learn and never make mistakes again. The biggest advantage of low cost and small business is that you can make a lot of money in it, but if this business is not successful, then you also make very little loss.

We researched the internet and found some small business ideas for you in which your investment is also low and the profit is very high. So what are those great business ideas?

1. Small Fast-Food Business Ideas

The fast-food business in India is increasing day by day. Some of the main types of food items are made in it such as burgers, egg rolls, noodles, Manchurians, etc. In such a small fast food business, most fast food manufacturers own that business.

Those who specialize in making fast food in their homes can start this business. You do not need to spend much to open a fast food shop. To make fast food only, you will need Rent for Ingredients and Shop. It is even better if you have your own place to shop.

2. Card Printing Business

Nowadays, most people find a place to print invitation cards for their various types of meetings, birthdays, weddings, and other various events. In such a situation, this business is at the top today.

You can also start your business by choosing one of the wedding, birthday, meeting according to your experience or knowledge. If you have good knowledge about printing machines, designing then you can earn a lot of money in this business.

3. Home Decoration

This is a very new business idea that is becoming trendy in these 1-2 years. This business is especially for creative-minded people. You do not need to invest anything in it. All you have to do is use your mind and decorate your customer with your money. It can have many types of places like home, office, apartment, school, etc.

4. Carpentry Business
Carpentry business or carpentry business has always been a time of demand and marriage, do not say what is earned in it and not in any small business. If carpentry is your hobby and if you specialize in making wooden furniture then you should start a small business of your own.

Making wooden furniture is also a very big art which is highly respected in this modern era. Some people are good at designing and some people are engineering. The best thing is that today if you want, you can also sell your wooden furniture on the online shopping website.

5. Job Recruitment Services

A recruitment agency is a great low investment business idea in which you need to find good jobs for people. In this business, your main task is to fill the vacant positions in various companies so that people can get work on a temporary or permanent basis.

To start this business, you will get less investment but it requires a very strong business plan. Such as good experience, knowledge of employment generation methods, law and license-related information, taxes, and a better marketing plan are required.

6. Freelancer Business

This business can be temporary as well as permanent. Currently, many people are doing this work on the Internet. A freelancer is a self-employed person who makes some money and uses their skills to complete other work.

For example, if someone wants to create people in their company, some of the things associated with the website have to be improved, for someone to write an article or for a work that is not known to another person. You do not need to make any kind of investment for freelancer trading.

7. Selling Products on Shopping Website

If you already have a business or have a shop whose products are not selling properly, the best idea is to sell your products on an online shopping website. The biggest advantage of this is that you will get more and more customers online and sales will also be higher.

There is no limit for you because if you live in Delhi, you can transport your goods from home to cities and villages in every state of India.

8. Dance classes

Dance classes

If you are interested in dance and you dance very well and if people want to learn dance from you then you can start your dance classes. You can make your dance style your identity.

If you want, you can also take dance classes in your house, if you do not have that much space in your house, then you can also rent. You can take both group and private classes at your convenience.

9. Sewing and Clothing Designing

Do you do a lot of sewing and you like designing clothes and you are looking for a job? If yes, I want to tell you that this is not the time to find a job, but this is the time to start your sewing and clothes designing business.

You can also start a sewing business in your home. You can earn money by teaching people how to sew. If you want, you can sell well-stitched clothes. It is time fashion and in such a situation this business will be 99% successful.

10. Beauty Parlor at Home

Beauty parlor is the fastest growing business of today’s generation. Salons and beauty parlors today are a great business with lots of opportunities, especially for women entrepreneurs who specialize in this thing.

You can start a beauty parlor for very little money. To start, you need some good cosmetic products, beauty tools, and a good place for a parlor, this can be your home or place of rent.

11. Electronic Equipment Repair

Nowadays electronic products are everywhere whether home or office. Whether it is TV or cooler, the use of electronic things is increasing every day and as fast as it is being used, electronic machines are getting worse. In such a situation, there is a great need for an electronic equipment repair business.

So whenever you open a repair shop for electronic items, it will do a lot. The cost in this business is very low but having good experience with a training certificate is very important.

12. Running a Tuition Center at Home

Yes, you can start your own tuition center at home as per your educational qualification. In today’s era, many young boys and girls are also studying and taking tuition classes in their homes. This is your home base business ideas.

In this business, your earnings are above your time and in investing, all you need is a room. If you want to start a small tuition center you can start by mixing some other subject teachers.

13. Small Grocery Store

Starting a grocery store is a very easy business. All you have to do is buy groceries from the wholesaler and sell them to people at retail prices. The biggest task in this business is to keep an accurate record of the purchase and sale of their goods.

14. Writing and Selling eBooks

An ebook is an electronic version of a book that can be read on mobile phones and computers. In today’s online world, many people buy and sell eBooks on the Internet.

If you like writing books, you can make an electronic version and sell it on the Internet and make a lot of money. Some of the best websites for selling e-books are Amazon, SeoClerks, Fiverr, Payhip, Selz.

15. Blogging

Blogging is a good way to share your knowledge on the Internet as well as earn money. Today many bloggers on the internet have joined bloggers who have made blogging their business and life. You can share your knowledge on your blog and also give good suggestions to people.

All you have to do is create your blog online and publish your post by publishing it. You do not need any kind of qualification for this. Everyone can do blogging. If you want to know how to start a blog, then click here.

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