10 Creative Business Ideas for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Creativity is the lifeblood of an entrepreneur. It is the fuel for innovative ideas that push our society forward. While some entrepreneurs may be gifted in marketing, or design, or finance, it really doesn’t matter what your specific talents are– as long as you have a creative spark. That’s where this article comes in. We put together a list of 10 creative business ideas for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just getting started out on your entrepreneurial journey, or you’re already days into launching your own business, start brainstorming with these ideas to spark new dialogue and possibilities.

Business ideas for freelancers

and entrepreneurs

1. Your own website

2. A blog

3. An online store

4. A social media marketing strategy

5. Writing ebooks and/or other literature for your industry

6. Creating and selling digital art, graphics, or photography for a business

7. Helping others launch their own small business or freelance business

8. Freelance work for online companies such as Amazon FBA, Etsy, and more

9. Consulting with small businesses on digital marketing tactics to increase their brand awareness and drive conversions

Business ideas for entrepreneurs

Freelancers and entrepreneurs often have trouble finding time to brainstorm new ideas. But you don’t need a lot of time to come up with creative ideas. Here are some quick and easy ways to start brainstorming on the fly:

1) Take a walk

2) Chase your thoughts down

3) Have a conversation with your significant other

4) Watch an inspirational speech someone has given

5) Turn off your phone and watch TV for 15 minutes

6) Listen to music for 15 minutes

7) Do something that makes you feel alive

Business ideas for creative people

1. Design a brand new type of product

Designing a brand new type of product is one of the best business ideas for creatives. You get to be in control of your own destiny and come up with something totally unique– as long as you have enough money to start your company, that is. It’s not easy to do, but if you’re determined, it’s possible.

2. Create an app or video game

App development is another creative idea that allows you to work with your creativity and design skills. Creating an app can be just as lucrative as designing a novel or anything else creative– it all depends on how much effort and money you put into it. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of free resources online for app development.

3. Create a blog about how-to skills

Blogging about learnable skills for people who want to start their own business is yet another creative idea for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike that allows you to use your creativity in helping other people grow their businesses. From blogging tips on finding clients, getting started on social media marketing, or how-to guides on accounting software, blogging about learnable skills will allow for more advertising revenue in the future because it helps people learn new things they can then turn around and teach others via your blog or other marketing channels like video tutorials or podcasts.

4. Become an art critic

Being an art critic is one way entrepreneurs can earn some cash while

Business ideas for entrepreneurs with a specific skill set.

A marketing professional with a background in graphic design can use their skills to create an online logo and branding package. The person could also offer this service as part of a broader marketing or advertising agency.

An entrepreneur who is good at building websites can set up her own web design agency. This will help her build a following and gain recurring clients, which will give the company staying power.

An entrepreneur who makes homemade candles can start her own candle-making business. She may not have any previous experience in the industry, but she might be able to learn how to make candles from other entrepreneurs who are already established in the candle-making industry.

An entrepreneur with graphic design experience may want to start a blog that shares personal stories and advice for freelancers, artists, writers, and creative entrepreneurs in general.

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